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About Us

SHRUTI FASTNERS INDUSTRIES are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Cold Forged Stainless Steel Fastners. Screws, Nut, Bolt, Washers & Threaded Rod. Since our inception we offer international quality stainless steel fasteners to our customers. We have endless range of fasteners, Washers, Screws, nut, bolt etc. All of our products are produced in Compliance with DIN, IS, BS and JIS standerds.

SHRUTI FASTNERS INDUSTRIES is accomplishing new heights under the young and dynamic leadership of its management and because of their understanding and in-depth experience in the technology of Fasteners, have turned SRT a trademark for stainless steel Fasteners.

We Offer to our Customers a wide range of stainless steel nut. We manufacturer stainless steel nut using high quality raw material. Our range of nut include Hex Nut (DIN 934), Lock nut (Din 439), Square Nut (Din 557), Nylon Insert Hex Nut (Din 985), Acorn Nut (Din 1587), Hex Flange Nut (Din 6923). Our Clients can avail our stainless steel nut at most competitive Prices